Responsibility and security in complying with the requirements of its clients

Lack of pertinence to claim absolute nullity of special power

On October 19, 2007, Mr. B.E.M.G. filed an absolute nullity claim on the special power, empowering G.R.G.R. to modify a horizontal property deed, arguing he did not appear to grant it.

Extinction of the criminal claim

On August 10, 2012 Mr. R.E.I.B. was arrested, accused of possession of a firearm and a minimum amount of cocaine. At the oral remand hearing, held on August 11 of that same year, the Judge of the Judicial Unit on Criminal Guarantees, gathered the request of the defense attorney to suspend the proceeding and order Mr. R.E.I.B. to do community work.

Requirements for the main required party to claim child support from the subsidiary required parties

The Chamber Specialized on Family, Children and Adolescents of the National Court of Justice, in a verdict of April 18, 2013 ruled in the sense that Ms. A.F.P.B., widow and mother of two children, in this last capacity, was not empowered to file a child support claim against T.J.S.C.Z., half-brother of her two children because:
1. The surviving spouse has the status as main required party as source of support, considering that the right to child support must be based on the need of the child (‘alimentario’).